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Bratislava – the capital of the Slovak Republic, the city where history intertwines with present. It was formerly known as Posonium, Istropolis, Prešporok, Pozsony, and Pressburg. Since 1291, Bratislava was a free royal city, in 1536 it became the capital of Royal Hungary, coronation city and the seat of the Hungarian parliament. After the establishment of Czechoslovak Republic in 1919,
Bratislava became seat of ministry with powers for Slovakia, headed by a regional president. Since then Bratislava is administrative, political, cultural and social center of Slovakia.
Administratively, the city is divided into five districts and seventeen boroughs, and it is home to around 425,000 people from both sides of the river Danube. The city experienced its glorious times, times when kings were alternated, but also times not merry...
We want to show this beautiful city to tourists from all arund the world, we want to present it as a fun city with lots of beautiful sights.Our professional guides will walk you through the city, to make you feel at home. Visit us!


Slovakia - Slovakia - Slovak Republic is a country in Central Europe. It has an area of 49,036 km2 and population of about 5,430,000 inhabitants.
In the opinion of many visitors we have everything, except the sea. We have high peaks - High Tatras, which have a height of the sky, we have fertile lowlands, distinctive villages and towns with beautiful history and monuments,
many of which also belong to the UNESCO list, such as Bardejov and Banská Štiavnica or wooden churches in eastern Slovakia. Across the country, mountains interlace with rivers and at the same time thera are many beuatiful caves, which also belong to the natural monument by UNESCO.
And when we mention Slovakia, we should also mention the shepherd`s pipe - queen of the musical instruments belonging to the cultural heritage of UNESCO, still living instrument with a peculiar sound.
If you visit us, our qualified guides will be pleased to show you the beauties of Slovakia.

Our neighbors: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary

Bratislava is also city at the western border of Slovakia. Berg and Jarovce are crossings into Austria, Rusovce to Hungary, and the Czech Republic is only 50 km away from Bratislava. That`s why our guides will be happy to help you in these countries as well.
We are pleased to introduce imperial Vienna with beautiful Schönbrunn Palace,
or even our nearest Land – Burgenland with the capital of Eisenstadt, all with guides with permission to accompany in Austria.
Likewise, we are happy to show Hungarian counterpart to Eisenstadt - in Sopron, where in Goat church were three coronations of Hungarian kings and queens, or the nearby city of Györ, in Slovak Ráb, whose history is very close to us.
If we use the highway D2, we can find ourselves in Brno with its beautiful architecture and famous Vila Tugenhat. Please contact us, we can provide you with more details.
We offer
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Považie(region along the river Váh) – Pearl of Slovakia
Our Neighborough
Soproň -
Grand tour
In the very heart of Europe
Grand tour of Little Carpathians
Trnava - Slovak Rome
You do not want to walk on a foot! You can order transport – little train in the city, travel by car or by bus.
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